So what? Are we supposed to give in to the head hacking bullies?

Radio NZ and Fairfax are making much of the fact that government documents say that if we went into Iraq to combat ISIS then we would become a target.

They don’t overtly say it, but they are implying that we shouldn’t.

The Government was warned sending troops to Iraq could make New Zealand a target of Islamic State but on Tuesday a 100-plus contingent slipped away with little fanfare.

A Cabinet Paper revealed by Radio NZ said the risk of doing nothing was even greater than the risk for troops deployed and if Islamic State became stronger the threat to New Zealand would increase. ??

The paper was considered on February 23 and as a result a decision was made to send troops to help train the Iraqi army.

On Tuesday troops flew out of Ohakea air base after being farewelled by Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae but their departure wasn’t announced until they had left the country.

This was in stark contrast to their Australian counterparts they will be partnering with who were publicly farewelled in a flag flying ceremony.

The Cabinet paper said the only way to remove risks to Kiwis was to defeat Islamic State, Radio NZ reported.

If nothing was done to stop the growing extremism there was a real chance Iraq and Syria would become permanent bases for that behaviour, which would create instability in the Middle East and disrupt trade. This was important to New Zealand, the paper said.

The only way the world will be safer from head hacking Islamic terrorists like ISIS is to kill them all.

The way the left-wing and media frame this you’d think we were perfectly safe in New Zealand if only we did nothing.


– Fairfax