So what, they’re spying on us

It must now be assumed that David “Tainted” Fisher is a traitor to New Zealand as he runs, in the Herald on Sunday, another story from another traitor, Edward Snowden.

This time it is about how we are supposedly spying on China.

So what…they are sure as hell spying on us.

Our spies and America’s top government hackers cooked up a plan to crack into a data link between Chinese Government buildings in Auckland, new Edward Snowden documents reveal.

The project appeared aimed at tapping data flowing between the Chinese consulate and its passport office in Great South Rd ? and using the link to access China’s computer systems.

The revelation is the most explosive of the information about New Zealand revealed in the Snowden documents ? and has sparked a firm Chinese diplomatic response giving rise to concerns our security relationship with the United States is impacting our trade relationship with China.

Note how Snowden, Hager and Fisher only ever write about Western spying and never about Russian, Indian or Chinese spying.

Clearly Fisher is unaware of what MSS is and what they do, perhaps instead of reading stolen and hacked data he should read some real life news.

Instead he focuses on trying to destroy the New Zealand government. The Herald apparatus is a disgrace, rotten to the core.

A Chinese Embassy spokesman told the Herald on Sunday: “China is concerned about relevant report. We attach great importance to the cybersecurity issue.

“We will firmly safeguard our security interests and continue to guarantee our cyber and information security with concrete measures.”

Of course they do…usually by trying to hack and infiltrate every government themselves.

Fisher is naive to think China isn’t spying on us, and a disgrace for his lop-sided reporting. His association with the criminal hackers who attacked the government via me is also a disgrace.

The Herald still hasn’t realise that no one cares about this issue…and they continue to allow David “Tainted” Fisher to use stolen data willy-nilly. The boastful little twerp even skites about how he can do what he likes and that he untouchable…that might change soon.


– Herald on Sunday