Someone needs to tell Dalton he’s dreamin’

Grant Dalton really needs to watch ‘The Castle’ and listen to Daryl Kerrigan.

Team New Zealand will fight for an America’s Cup pre-regatta in Auckland, despite the event’s organisers announcing all races will be in Bermuda in 2017.

Prime Minister John Key said it was “extremely unlikely” the team would get government funding following the announcement on the Cup’s official website yesterday.

Team NZ board chairman Keith Turner told the Herald it “was not the end of the road” for an Auckland qualifying race and the America’s Cup Event Authority’s (ACEA) statement was not legal. The decision was subject to a legal process after the ACEA backtracked on its decision to hold an Auckland event, he said.

And their?emergency PR man Bill Ralston is running interference too. Perhaps he should the hashtag #billabletweet.

What this tells me and anyone who is a keen observer is that the sponsors will be dictating what will and won’t be happening.

But with the government now telling them to piss off there really is no real need for Key and Joyce’s snitch on the board, Tina Symmans, to remain. She is totally indiscrete anyway and should be told to go.

Team New Zealand needs to stop being corporate bludgers and face facts…it’s over. Of course with head corporate bludger Steve Joyce in charge of the purse strings anything is possible.

Any other stance is totally dreamin’.


– NZ Herald