Staff announcements for NZ Herald Monday

As reported earlier.

Sources via?the tipline?a mole in the NZ Herald’s aghast newsroom tell me that after popular and competent Editor?Tim Murphy’s rolling sudden departure soon we will see emerge a “victor” from the spoils announced in a new?role.

Unknown to the shop floor this?player has pre-positioned themselves these past months moving political?spectrum after getting themselves embroiled in matters they shouldn’t. ??

It has been a random transformation which now will make perfect sense to the newsroom.

I’m just wondering how “compromised” this person will be after events of the past six months and how long before the Herald staffers realise the true meaning of the term?Dirty Media because this person with their tactics has emerged the filthiest and with it most sanctimonious of the lot. ?All this scheming has been happening right under Chief Google Operator John Drinnan’s snout.

There?naturally will be more to come….keep the tips coming in because in Tim Murphy’s own words you won’t be reading about any of this from Herald staffers:

“It has always been the case in the Herald newsroom ? Herald staffers and columnists don?t write about each other and don?t write about Herald on Sunday staffers or columnists or about our bloggers online. I?ve happily explained its extension to include radio colleagues to all-comers in our newsroom and beyond”.