Teacher union lies about “Charter kindies”

The Early Childhood Council has expressed anger at ?untrue? NZEI news releases ?taking lame little pot shots? at private providers of quality early childhood education.

The statement follows the NZEI?s most recent news release calling for an inquiry into the quality of ?market-driven? services.

Council CEO Peter Reynolds said today (21 April 2015) it was not true that privately-owned early childhood education was inferior to community-owned early childhood education, as the NZEI had claimed and reclaimed.

The NZEI had been told exactly this by ERO as recently as 31 March, he said.

Unions are scum. ?Anything justifies the means. ?

?In a letter, written on this date to the NZEI, ERO?s Chief Executive wrote: “Education and care services, regardless of ownership were found to be performing to a very similar trend”,? Mr Reynolds said.

And this ?trend? indicated, according to ERO, that around 85% of both community-owned and privately-owned ECE centres were ?well placed? or ?very well placed?.

In fact, said Mr Reynolds, for the period addressed in the ERO letter (01 July 2013 to 09 February 2015), privately-owned centres slightly out-performed community-owned centres. (86.4% to 85.3%)

The NZEI seemed, he said, to be able to get away with a pretense of concern for children when its raison d?etre was the industrial advancement of teachers.

Its ?fantasy? about privately-run education and care centres suggested that the hundreds of thousands of parents who had chosen such care for their children were either stupid or negligent.

Based on the NZEI’s own reasoning, and the actual hard data, they would have to close all the early childhood education centers where there members work.

Quite the backfire.

ECEs are heavily reliant on parent involvement anyway. ?It would be ridiculous to assert that parents using private ECEs are somehow less interested or less involved with their children.

Leave it up to a Teacher union to play dirty. ?Nothing good will come of it.


-?Anthony Keesing, Yahoo! NZ