The sanctimony and hypocrisy of the NZ Herald

Quite apart from their propensity to make stuff up at the NZ Herald they also possess weapons grade sanctimony and hypocrisy. They play Dirty Media but pretend they are holier than thou.

They are running a campaign using a tainted journalist and someone who trades in private and personal data to run allegations against the NZ Government for spying.

They are laundering information on behalf of a traitor, Edward Snowden, and assisting Nicky Hager, perhaps New Zealand’s most prolific spy and holder of other people’s data.

They write editorials decrying the situation but their editor was involved in his own spying against a competitor.

In 2009 Currie was sued by a former assistant editor of the Herald on Sunday for unjustified dismissal. Reporter Stephen Cook, who helped Currie launch the tabloid, was sacked in 2008 after two drug squad detectives visited the Herald on Sunday offices looking for him. Cook had reportedly been seen at an address, which was under police surveillance. On the day the case commenced Currie faced further scrutiny when the New Zealand Herald revealed examples of industrial espionage, including allegations he sent a reporter to the rival Sunday Star-Times’ print site to obtain advanced copies in a bid to get stories for his own paper. The allegations were again reported in the Sunday News and Sunday Star-Times branded “unprecedented spying”. ?

Heh,?”unprecedented spying”, a term Shayne Currie and his bunch of journalists like to use against the government.

Then there is their position on Campbell Live and public broadcasting, including Fran O’Sullivan one of their columnists speaking at a liberal luvvie hug in the other day at left wing political activist and party operative Laila Harre’s restaurant.

A casual observer might think?this is admirable but only if they didn’t know that the NZ Herald is about to go behind a paywall, removing what is freely available news information from the public gaze themselves, and protecting it and setting up the ability to gouge readers for even more cash.

Why are they so sanctimonious about public broadcasting and saving Campbell Live when they are planning on erecting barriers in the form of a paywall to prevent public access to information?

It can only be that weapons grade hypocrisy I mentioned earlier.

But they jump the shark in even calling Campbell Live public broadcasting when it is a show on a private network, much like their own soon to be very private network.

When the Herald isn’t making stuff up they are hiding behind their shield of sanctimony wearing nothing more than their cloak of hypocrisy.

The Herald spies but is against spying, the Herald is for public broadcasting but erecting a paywall.

A clearer case of a compromised and ethically challenged media organisation couldn’t be found.

The NZ Herald epitomise Dirty Media.