The shamelessness is off the scale


Winston Peters says he’d climb a threatened kauri tree in his electorate, to save it from the chainsaw.

Two ancient trees will be under threat if the Government keeps its by-election promise to widen the Darby and Joan bridge.

Northland MP Mr Peters says it couldn’t be done without felling at least one of the trees, and he says he’d be willing to climb it to save it.

“You know something if I have to, I would. You have the government going to build a bridge straight through the middle of them.

“Unbelievably stupid.”

I love the shamelessness of Peters. ?He takes multiple irreconcilable positions, and nobody calls him on it. ?On the one hand he’s been pushing hard to get the bridges that National promised built, and then he goes and says they are destroying nice kauri trees by doing so.

No matter what happens, the news coverage goes his way.

It’s breathtaking and I can’t help but admire his ability to play the media like idiots.


– Newstalk ZB