A letter to Al Gore from a Redwood tree in California


Dear Mr Gore (should I call you Mr Past Vice President? I didn?t want to as ?Past? sounds so irrelevant and Albert is a little presumptuous)

Re: CO2 ? our food.

As you know, sir trees do not often write letters but the subject is of such importance to me and my Sequoiadendron giganteum mates we felt that someone should take up a pen and let you know of our very strong feelings.

We are true Americans having our roots deep down in California as well as multiple branches throughout the state. We want to congratulate you and your fellow Americans for the magnificent effort you have made over the last century in restoring CO2 to reasonable levels. As you will recall from your high school biology CO2 is our staple diet. We chew through huge amounts. Without it we would be gone by lunch time ? dying a painful death starved of our food supply.

Me and my mates each chug through over 30 tons of CO2 a year so we are really doing our bit to save the world. As well each of us is providing enough oxygen for over 100 people although you politicians may need a bit more than average given the talking you do.

The recently gained level of CO2 at 400ppm is exciting news. Our health and growth rates have benefited dramatically and word around this neck of the woods is that all plants are doing extremely well in this CO2 rich environment. There are even sound scientific peer reviewed papers backing up the warm and fuzzy feelings that the crop plants are basking in. ??

As you know we have been starved for several centuries with CO2 levels down around the 250ppm.?? In the great halcyon days when CO2 was over 1,200 ppm we grew at a phenomenal rate. You know from counting the rings on some of my mates who have sadly passed on that CO2 levels were heaps higher. That is when we had huge, fast growing forests that laid down the coal deposits you use to warm your living room.

We realise the news on getting the levels up will be a great comfort to you as a former leader with a big heart for helping the world?s poor and hungry. All crops are setting new record in yields and output. We congratulate you on your personal contribution to this cause. We hear you are making a sacrifice way above the norm by having several homes that all use as much as 20 times the amount of electricity of a typical American home.?? Our hope is this letter will comfort you in your selflessness.

A further note for congratulation is that the higher world temperatures and more sunshine also promote growth although there is concern that the rising temperatures that you forecast when you went up the wall on your cherry picker may not be happening. Some reputable commentators are saying you can?t see the wood for the trees but we are confident you are only using verifiable facts. After all you were right about the arctic disappearing by 2014 weren?t you? Yes?

We know you will also share our delight that the higher CO2 levels also shrink leaf stoma (breathing holes), which reduces water loss from inside plants, thus making them more drought resistant and requiring less irrigation.

Especially for arid regions around the world, this added benefit of higher CO2 levels has huge economic, social, nutritional and health benefits.

Some of our members have hidden away in their trunks early copies of the Scientific American. They used to run stories we loved calling CO2 ?the precious air fertilizer?. ?We are perplexed that they now refer to our food as a ?dangerous pollutant?.?? We cannot reconcile what humans, who call themselves ?greens?, are saying now about how dangerous CO2 is and how it is a catastrophe for the world when they are also encouraging more trees, less desert, more food for the poor.

Such a mistaken position would indicate either unthinkable ignorance or perhaps a second agenda unrelated to rising CO2. We are sure you will have a plausible excuse for such seeming deception.

Knowing how busy you are jetting around the world in your CO2 producing jet (we are grateful!!) we thought we better save you time and give you some backing for our enthusiasm – http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/07/130708103521.htm



Yours gratefully

Redwood family

P.S. We would like to nominate you for a Nobel Peace Prize for your contribution to greening the planet and presiding over such amazing increases in food production. Given the fact that you have acted in the environment?s interest and needs of the poor countries at great personal financial cost to yourself it is the least we can do.

P.P.S Those nice people over East will be so pleased with you their winters are going to be warmer. Digging out from under record snow levels last winter was no joke.


Submitted by a reader