Another winning policy from Labour

Labour seem to have failed to realise that middle NZ do not care about identity politics, and as long as Labour stay interested in identity politics, middle NZ will not pick up the phone.

Their submission to the 2014 election inquiry show just how thick they really are.

Identity politics at its best, wanting non Maori who feel Maori to be able to vote Maori.

People should be able to enrol on the Maori roll even if they do not indicate they are of Maori descent!

Then Labour underline how dead set useless they are at fundraising, going on the bludge.

Wants the broadcasting allocation extended to all mediums (ie a general allowance for advertising)

Another winning proposition from an intellectually bankrupt party.

The simpler solution would be to give Tim Barnett the arse and get someone in who actually can fundraise.

Maybe they need to start a draft Mike Williams campaign.

Meanwhile they continue to stare at goats.


– Kiwiblog