First they came for Whaleoil, and everyone thought it was just trivial


Several New Zealand organisations are being targeted in an extortion attempt, a government cyber-security agency says.

The National Cyber Security Centre, a division of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), said the unnamed organisations had been told via email that if they didn’t pay up they would experience a “sustained denial-of-service attack” that would knock them offline.

The centre said that the blackmailers had followed up their threats with “short duration” attacks that lasted up to an hour, to demonstrate their threat was credible.

It was investigating the threats and said companies that found themselves being targeted could contact it for advice. A spokesman for the GCSB said it would not make further comment.

These “hackers” and cyber terrorists are scum. ?They are breaking the law. There are no “hacktivists”, just idiots that make other people’s lives and businesses hell because they are basically standing in the way of freedom. Freedom to move about on the Internet as you please, freedom of speech, freedom of association.

We’re in an interesting time in history where police are simply not equipped to deal with these levels of attacks. ?But the GCSB can’t be the organisation that combats this. ?The problems will only get worse, and we need to have a way for police to constructively deal with these kinds of crimes.

Instead of being the enemy, as “investigative Herald journalist” Nicky Hager and his friends Dotcom, Harre, “Tainted” Fisher, Nippert and Snowden would have it, the GCSB?are actually here to protect those of us who are law abiding and believe in the rule of law.

The fact we have political parties helping the media and activists undermine our national security is pretty sick really.


– Tom Pullar-Strecker, Stuff