Gee, this is timely

Gee, this is timely as we countdown to the 5th anniversary and 1000s of examples on how useless the Christchurch City Council is.

Wonder if the announcement is coinciding with when big pay rises for pretty inept councillors are announced.

The rebuild is winding down so perfect timing…typical of a council coming too late to the party and a few dollars short.

City councillors have unanimously approved plans to set up a one-stop shop for investors and developers keen to be part of the rebuild.

Development Christchurch will be set up under Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL), the council’s commercial arm, and provide advice to the council on unsolicited development proposals and look after some of the major capital projects the council has on its books. It will also help progress the council’s suburban master plans. ?

The development authority (DA) will be governed by a commercially-focused, independent board. CCHL will be asked to provide an equity injection of $1.5 million over each of the next two years to cover its initial set up and operating costs. Although the authority will operate at arm’s length from the council, it will be required to report monthly on its activities to the council’s strategy and finance committee.

“It is absolutely vital we get this up and running,” said Mayor Lianne Dalziel.

It was vital 4 years ago. Now it will just become a hobby horse and eventually a white elephant project.

Politicians astound me sometimes.

Either Dalziel is back on the sauce or she is?showing her congenital stupidity.


– Fairfax