How Charter Schools do superbly pushing it up hill (with the proverbial rake)

As outlined here Charter Schools have to start on a fraction of a state school funds. They start on approximately $1million set up per 200 students whereas State schools start on up to 5 times that amount per student.

Another huge money State School is making progress towards starting – this time in Hamilton for $40 million dollars.

So…..of the reasons not to start Charter Schools (according to the Left):

– They are expensive. Well clearly they are not.

– The are a failed model overseas. Stanford University says the are fabulous for needy children. ?

– The can employed unqualified teachers. Turns out that State schools employ 5000 of those already.

– They will be set up to make profit. Nope…they are all charitable. And don’t forget – plenty of contractors will be making massive profits out of Rolleston and Rototuna.

– They can innovate curriculum. Well…great…and they do but all are operating within the NZ Curriculum framework.

On a funding basis if you set up Charter Schools to work with the 1200 students Rototuna will eventually work with (after a huge per student cost on the way) then you would have $34 million left over to contribute towards a budget surplus – or other needs (maybe even reduced taxes).

The Left won’t protest the spending and will continue to bang on about Charter Schools because teachers at Rototuna will belong to them and those at Charter Schools won’t.