Is Audrey Young still embarrassed?

Audrey Young professed that she felt embarrassed by the Prime Minister, when she really should be embarrassed by working for the NZ Herald.

John Armstrong has also provided some more embarrassment for Audrey Young, he has declared that ponytail-gate is over.

Anyone under the impression that John Key had it coming to him in Parliament yesterday – and deservedly so – must be sorely disappointed by what happened. Or rather did not happen.

Those angered by the Prime Minister’s pestering of Auckland waitress Amanda Bailey may well feel they have been short-changed by Opposition parties who yesterday opted not to stretch Key on the parliamentary rack in what was the first opportunity since his return from overseas.

It is not uncommon for predictions that some trouble-struck minister or MP is going to suffer the latter-day equivalent of being hung, drawn and quartered once his or her problem hits the parliamentary fan to turn out to be totally misplaced. All the ingredients for a major stoush may be present, only for things to fall flat in the House.

That was the case yesterday. But it was no accident. The Opposition parties seemed to be going through the motions – when they could be bothered to put any kind of heat on the Prime Minister which, at most, was only lukewarm.

The hits were slaps on the wrist with a wet bus ticket.

By this stage, one thing was very clear. The Opposition’s attitude suggested those parties considered there was little more to be milked from ponytail-gate. Further pursuit of the matter only risked annoying those who never considered it mattered in the first place.

Key can breathe easier. There is still the question of whether he ends up facing court action for alleged assault as well as the question of whether Bailey takes a case to the Employment Court.

Inside the precincts of Parliament, however, ponytail-gate can now be declared, politically speaking, to be as dead as the proverbial dodo.

The media and the opposition over egged it and as a result the public thought they were victimising John Key for his prat fall.

They bombed it. Now they are trying to wind it all back.


– NZ Herald