James Shaw continues to see Greens in economic stewardship role

The inexperience is strong in this one

Before Russel Norman stepped down as co-leader he famously said he’d want to be Finance Minister if working with Labour in government.

His replacement James Shaw said he would also want to use his economics knowledge, but isn’t giving Labour an ultimatum.

“My job now is to lead the Greens, to grow the number of MPs, to expand the membership, to get us into a position where we can exert real influence on the next government, to be part of the next government, and then I’ll play whatever role it makes sense for me to play.”

Otago University political analyst Bryce Edwards said there is no doubt James Shaw is on the right of the party.

He says the party has already been moving more towards the centre in recent years, and Mr Shaw is a continuation of that.

“Maybe in the future the Green Party under James Shaw will probably be a bit less tied to Labour, and therefore a bit more independent.”

“The main response among the public will be ‘James who?’ They haven’t really heard about him and he seems to have come from nowhere to be on the national stage as a political party leader.”

“It’s not through luck, it’s not through chance. James Shaw has a lot of talent and he also relates to the mood of where the party wants to go.”

Here’s a reality check for Shaw

  1. Green voters aren’t looking for economic leadership
  2. Labour will never share the finance or other economic portfolios
  3. That’s if Labour let them into the tent in the first place

The first 48 hours after the co-penis is made the Chosen One during a long weekend is ideal to get key messages out. ?Journalists will print anything normally, doubly so on a long weekend. ?(PR companies know this – you should see the flood of press released on a Friday before a long weekend).

So Shaw chooses to blow his first chance to make a good impression.

Squarely back in the loony corner: ?”Labour and the Greens are in great shape”, “I want to have an ecomomic role in the next government”, ?”Norman and Turei did a great job!”.

Goodnight nurse.


– Frances Cook, Newstalk ZB