Jeremy Wells, the private school princess [UPDATED]

After yesterday’s post I had a number of people contact me about Jeremy Wells and his background, so I have reconsidered my position – since I am allowed to change my mind.

I still think false apologies are meaningless and I stand by that…but with a little bit more information, I am calling him and his enablers out.

You know – it is funny that the latest hero of the left, Jeremy Wells, is a St Kents and Wanganui Collegiate private school princess, but somehow thinks that no one will know about that as he?gets to mock Mike Hosking for being aristocratic. He is simply pandering to his left wing enablers and luvvies in the media.

A pity then, that Wells descended into racism in his bid for cheap and nasty laughs.

Radio Hauraki has been rapped over the knuckles after a Mike Hosking impersonation by DJ Jeremy Wells was labelled racist by some listeners.

The radio station apologised after Wells’ appearance on the?Hauraki Breakfast?show on May 15, presenting a segment called?Like Mike.

Wells, in character as broadcaster Hosking, said he preferred “Maoris to keep to themselves in marae, rural rugby clubs or on-stage cultural performances in Rotorua hotels coinciding with a hangi buffet”.

“Maoris are loose units. They’re often tattooed. The women smoke too much and are free and easy with their affections.

“The world’s media are watching us this week. As right-thinking New Zealanders we should be asking: is this the image we want to convey to the world?”

The act drew hundreds of comments on the station’s Facebook page; many expressed outrage, although others said the item was clearly satire and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

He needs to get back to his earlier parodies like ?Dirty old gay man?s Gore?

That was much funnier…homophobic jokes and racism against Cook Islanders.

Yeah, Jeremy Wells – private school princess, racist, homophobe…the left wing’s latest hero.

[UPDATED: Jeremy Wells attended St Kents prep before going to Wanganui Collegiate where he was expelled in 1992, he then attended St Pauls College in Hamilton]


– NZ Herald