Lascivious lying lecher Len leeches loot

Mayor Len Brown

Mayor Len Brown

Len Brown just doesn’t care anymore. ?He’s coming for more money, against everyone’s wishes.

Auckland’s mayor says he thinks a transport levy would be going ahead after a council meeting today.

Len Brown told Newstalk ZB a transport levy would form part of the 10-year budget due to be signed off at council today.

“It’s not so much around whether we’ll do the levy, but how much the levy should be,” he said.

Mr Brown said the levy would be $99, or $2 a week for a residential ratepayer, and $159 for a business.

Mr Brown introduced the transport levy to replace a motorway toll or fuel tax, which the Government does not support.

The three-year “short-term” levy would fund about $500 million of extra transport projects, including a massive lift in cycling and fast-forward plans for a northwestern busway and busway to Orewa.

Len’s history. ?Come the next local body elections, he won’t even stand. ?His secret poll told him that much.

But the concern is that he has support from the rest of the council. ? The next local body elections Auckland ratepayer groups will be focusing on exposing those that have been manipulating the Auckland ratepayer while using Len as a convenient target for all the splashback.

We’re coming for your jobs good people. ?Auckland Council is being financially mismanaged, and heads need to roll.