Lianne Dalziel cries a river of tears

Lianne Dalziel reckons she is sorry…for doing nothing.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel has made a tearful apology to residents of east Christchurch, who feel she has let them down.

Dalziel made the emotional apology on Saturday in response to hundreds of submissions from east Christchurch residents on the council’s proposed 10-year budget, known as the draft Long Term Plan. The submissions expressed frustration at the slow pace of recovery and the lack of proposed spending in New Brighton and the eastern suburbs.

Dalziel’s voice cracked with emotion as she apologised. ?

“On a personal level, I find this very difficult and I’m not going to cry. But to read the submissions and to read how much faith they put in me personally as their member of Parliament and to read that people feel that in electing me as their mayor that I would stand up for the east and to read how let down people feel in me,” she said.

“All I really want to do is say that I am really sorry.

“There is no intention around this table to let anyone down and the wonderful thing that has come of this terrible process … is that there isn’t a member of this council that doesn’t understand how important it is to prioritise work in the east.”

Oh boo hoo.

Typical, a pinko elected promising to fix everything, then doesn’t – and when called out about her inaction, cries a river of tears.

FFS, get a grip Lianne. Actually start governing instead of furthering silly pet projects and social engineering. Start selling some assets and get the books in order.

Lianne Dalziel was elected promising the moon. Best she set about delivering it, or next year will be real tough.

Otherwise your crocodile tears will be about as sincere as Father Jack’s apology.


– The Press