Predicting climate change from temperature readings total guesswork

The science is settled huh?

Not remotely close. The data is far from accepted as a new report shows:

Temperature readings from the Arctic and Antarctic used to estimate the effects of global warming are?nothing more than guesswork, a climate researcher has said. Dr Benny Peiser heads up the?Global Warming Policy Foundation, which last month announced its intention to launch a wide-ranging review of the data underpinning claims on global warming.

The review was launched primarily in response to interested parties flagging up major discrepancies? between data gathered from weather stations, which marked 2014 out as the hottest year on record, and data gathered from satellites, which showed no warming for over 18 years. The scale of the discrepancy lead to accusations that weather station data had been ?adjusted?, thereby exaggerating the effects of global warming, something which the Foundation is keen to investigate.

The review panel, headed by Professor Terence Kealey, the former vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham,?will be taking submissions for evidence until the 30th June, but Dr Peiser has said that questions and concerns have already been raised about how the discrepancy could have come about. ?

?There?s a lack of clarity, a lack of transparency and a growing concern about what is going on,? he told the Express. ?Given these concerns, we thought there must be a better way of answering these questions.

?This is not about anthropogenic or man-made climate change, this is about whether the gatekeepers of the data, the meteorological agencies, are providing reliable information.?

Dr Peiser raised concerns that some researchers who contribute to the temperature records have been outspoken in their views on climate change, saying: ?People ask why they are the gatekeepers of the data if they have such strong opinions. Should they really be the guardians of data quality and high standards?

?As in every scientific venture, there should be quality checks just to make sure people know exactly what is happening. In a way, this inquiry is a quality control exercise.?

The hockey stick has been proven to be utterly false and manipulated and the leaks of emails from CRU showed that scientists deliberately manipulated data to “hide the decline” in temperature records.

The whole climate change industry has become a joke and is based on utter fraud.

If what has gone on in climate science was done in the finance industry people would be going to jail.


– Breitbart