The utter hypocrisy of Su’a William Sio

Su’a William Sio hates Charter Schools, he even speaks against them in parliament.

[C]harter schools are not successful, particularly in reference to minority groups, particularly in reference to low-income groups. They are not successful in the United States. How can we then expect that they are going to be successful here in New Zealand?

Yet he is perfectly happy to attend openings of charter schools, and make speeches at them.

But his hypocritical behaviour gets worse.

In both of his 2011 and 2014 donations returns a?Sally Ikinofo has donated a total of $28,200.

ikinofo-2011 ikinofo-2014

Sally Ikinofo is Chair of the Rise UP Trust Board?who runs Rise Up Academy?- the first Charter School in the country.

On her Facebook page it says that she works part time for Sio but I’m not sure if that is still the case.



Now there is no problem at all with Sally Ikinofo making donations to Su’a William Sio, the problem is his hypocrisy in accepting donations from the chair of a Charter School when he has railed against them in the parliament.

This is the sort of weapons grade hypocrisy that we have come to expect from the left.

Next time you hear Su’a William Sio speak against charter schools you will know that he is a two faced hypocrite who accepts large donations from people associated with charter schools.