This one was kept very quiet yesterday…


If it wasn’t for me scanning through the headlines, I’d have missed it too.

A former Malaysian defence attache accused of attacking a Wellington woman has pleaded not guilty to indecent assault.

Muhammad Rizalman appeared in the High Court in Wellington this morning for a pre-trial hearing.

He had earlier also denied charges of assault with intent to commit sexual violation and burglary.

A hearing to consider pre-trial matters will take place in August and Mr Rizalman’s trial will take place later this year.

Well. ?

Will you look at that. ?Pleading not guilty to indecent assault. ?Very much a?lesser charge than the original “assault with intent to commit sexual violation and burglary”, which he also plead not guilty to.

The Green Party, the media and most of the leftie blogs and all but hung Rizalman from the nearest tree with a “RAPIST” sign stapled to his gentlemen’s bits.

In the mean time, he’s been offered to plead to a much lesser charge of indecent assault.

Now why would the Crown do that? ?Why not go after him with the original charge? ?Could it be because they know they can’t make it stand up?

You may well recall I was vilified for?daring to ask everyone to wait until we could hear the other side of the story. ? This, was me enabling rape culture.

The politically driven hysteria was ugly, and once again I stood up and took all the abuse to ensure we do the right thing.

The banning and lynch mob mentality of the left and their media enablers is bad enough on any given day, but when the “R” word was thrown in, justice and due process was no longer relevant.

I’m still proud of what I wrote around that time. ? If?Rizalman is a filthy scumbag then the courts will deal with him as required. ? But we don’t do it the way that the Green Party, the media and the men haters wanted to have him dealt with.