Another biased reporter shows her true colours via Twitter

David Farrar takes a break from arthouse play reviews to call out a NZ Herald reporter.


There’re three interesting things about this exchange.

  1. Portraying charter schools as exploiting vulnerable kids, rather than helping them
  2. Portraying charter schools as people making money. As far as I know every charter school operator in NZ is a not-for-profit entity
  3. The tweeter is the ’s specialist education reporter

If you were a charter school operator, teacher or parent what confidence would you have that the Herald will report fairly on your school, when the reporter seems to have such a negative view of them.

We already know what the Herald does, they leave out NCEA figures from charter schools because they were too good. They ignore facts, and parrot union lines.

Some of their reporters have never even been to a charter school, yet feel free to slag them off in their “news”.

Now we have proof positive that Kirsty Johnston is as bent as David “Tainted” Fisher when it comes to news. She is reporting her own biases and pushing her own agenda.

As if we needed another reason to distrust the NZ Herald. I wonder if Shayne Currie will study “Perceived bias in New Zealand media” while taking up his Wolfson scholarship?

Little wonder then that we had to cover Charter Schools ourselves with Spanish Bride’s Perception series.

If you are still in any doubt regarding her politics…then check this tweet from April 20.



– Kiwiblog


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  • Sally

    I was only thinking today that journalists use of social media exposes their political bias on a regular occurrence.
    Journalists who are accredited to the parliamentary press gallery are the worse. They should all be exposed. A case of dirty media.

  • shykiwibloke

    With so many key people at the Herald shown to have severe bias – is there any chance of any staff journo giving a balanced view ?

  • James Growley

    For those of us who gave Granny the boot some years ago, its no surprise that there are few if any people left in that tawdry rag that report actual news and not their own myopic and disingenuous slant on whatever is their flavour of the day. I’d say more and more people are waking up to the fact, hence Granny is probably giving away more papers than she is selling to keep the circulation numbers at a level that doesn’t see advertisers leaving in droves as well. With the “Paywall” looming large, I can see a lot of these Muppet’s joining the ranks of the unemployed.

    • Soleman

      Got an email from Granny yesterday. Offering papers 7 days per week for $7.00 total, plus $130 worth of Tupperware.
      Have enough paper for both my garden and the worm bins at present, so declined the offer.

  • Popliteal

    So she follows Nicky’s sister? Good friend?

  • Dave

    Ms Hager is a nasty piece of work, friend knew her in school, described as a loner, weird. for all i know she might have changed, them i look at recent writing i mean scribbling, and no, no change.

  • Cathy Odgers

    If you mention Nicky Hager five times to a mirror does he come out from behind the mirror and go into someone’s computer to hack your emails? #whoisnext #judgeslawyersanyonehedoesnotlike

  • niggly

    So Kirsty joins the Nicky & Mandy tin-foil hat looney tune conspiracy circus. Except that she is meant to be an objective MSM journalist who is meant to understand and separate fact from fiction. But she clearly can’t (and that’s ok in MSM land because there are many other journos who think and do the same eg Dita De Boni, Jane Bowron, Paul Thomas etc). Talk about dirty politics from the left manipulating public opinion.

  • Mick Ie

    I think this is appropriate on a couple of levels…

  • Phil

    That last tweet was weird. If she repeated Nicky Hagers name one more time it might summon John Minto

  • Eddie

    This is a shame for the journalists who actually have some professionalism and want to do the tight thing, whoever he/she is. Why can there be no real punishment for this behaviour?

    • James

      To be honest I’m not sure if any journalists with professionalism care too much about what is happening in New Zealand.

  • LesleyNZ

    I see a raw nerve has just been hit and Kirsty does say in her profile that she is “capable of independent thought”. Kirsty should do what Spanish Bride did and go visit some Charter Schools and then make informed unbiased and independent thought and opinion.

  • papagaya

    If the Herald had any integrity it would immediately remove her from covering education.

  • Mikev

    Herald’s race to the bottom speeds up!