Govt needs to ask: “What happened to the $16m?” #dirtypolitics


It?s always interesting that the deeper people get into the taxpayer-funded trough the more they feel they have the right to determine how other people should live their lives.

Trougher of the Year and frequent jet-setter Boyd Swinburn is one such person. ?

In the June edition of North & South there was an article about the war between so-called Big Business and the poor little old public health troughers who didn?t like getting questioned about their views of the world.

The troughers all complained about being ?targets? of attacks by me and PR hatchet-man Carrick Graham. The biggest complainers were Boyd Swinburn and mad-as-a-hatter Doug Sellman saying it was all #DirtyPolitics.

Now we see Boyd Swinburn continuing his whaa whaa whaa in a letter to the editor of the North & South. He?s bitter and twisted that the Government didn?t listen to him and other public health troughers complaining about Katherine Rich being on the board of the Health Promotion Agency.

Despite the fact Rich as been completely exhonerated after the Office of the Auditor General took a look at the HPA Board and her involvement, Boyd Swinburn is another one who can?t take his hand off it.

In his letter to the editor, he?s worked himself up into quite a lather criticising the Auditor General:


Boyd Swinburn also talks about whether we will hear more attacks on public health researchers and policies as the ?government prepares its strategies to combat NZ?s appallingly high rates of childhood obesity?? It?s finally a good question from him.

Here?s a clue for them – does the sun rise in the morning.

But here?s another good question for Boyd Swinburn and his other troughing mates:

What have you done with more than $16 million dollars of taxpayer funding you?ve hoovered through over the past few years considering kids in NZ are getting fatter?

A quick search and you can easily find the levels of funding these troughers have tucked into. Here?s just a snapshot of taxpayer funding handed over.


Maybe the Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman or the Health Research Agency which doles out the money, should be asking more questions about what these troughers, or sorry, esteemed senior public health scientists and practitioners, have actually achieved with more than $16 million dollars?

The question certainly needs asking, and answering. But don?t expect to see them answer that sort of question.

Instead this is all just #DirtyPolitics.