Just wait, someone will blame increased violence on climate change

They don’t say it specifically in the article but I am sure some Green Taliban loon will make the connection.

Apparently the higher the temperature the more violence there is on the streets…I’m not kidding.

June may be mid-winter but new research suggests it’s also the month you’re least likely to get punched in the head.

Massey University research has revealed a connection between assaults and temperature ? to the extent that the rate of assault rises by about 1.5 per cent for every degree the temperature rises.

The paper, published in the journal Climactic Change by PhD student Matt Williams, looked at the 268,000 recorded assaults in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch from 1994 to 2009.

Due to population Auckland had by far the lion’s share but, per capita, Wellington came out slightly ahead.

Bouncers usually breathed a sign of relief with the arrival of cooler weather, Wellington doorman Ian Sapsford said.?

“We have a lot more assaults and a lot more drunken people out in summer.

“On a Friday in winter it’s just so relaxed and laid back. Even the police have said to me, ‘Hey look, there’s more security out than people,’ so when it’s cold the numbers are down, and with the numbers down we can look on the streets and see who is intoxicated.”

Warmer weather meant more people pre-loading at barbecues and more drunks on the streets, he said.

“The streets get filled with people just milling around, not in bars, and that is where all the trouble happens, things kick off from there.”

Of course they didn’t really think that the warmer weather means more people are out and therefore there’s a greater chance of drunk fools getting hammered and turning violent.

I bet the ratios are the same…it’s just that there are more people around and so it looks like more violence.

And never mind the booze..that isn’t causing the violence at all is it? No, just the increasing temperatures.

I might have to OIA this muppet’s research grants.


– Fairfax