Labour lies and lazy media just repeat it

Yesterday David Shearer made the following statement about the price of milk:

Shearer said Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy had some explaining to do, as it was “all looking a bit too cosy”.

It was “perverse” that Coca-Cola was more affordable than fresh milk, at a time when child obesity and diabetes were causing major problems in the health system, he said.

And Fairfax ran this headline:


What a shame that Aimee Gulliver couldn’t use the internet before she banged out her rehash of Labour’s press release.

I can, howeve,r and it took me just a few seconds to establish that David Shearer is lying, or being deliberately deceptive. ?

At Countdown the prices of Coke ranges from?$0.18/100ML, for the cheapest way to buy it, to?$0.66/100ML which, ironically, is for the sugar-free versions.


At the same time Milk ranges from $0.16/100ML for Home Brand milk up to $0.44/100ML for some milk products excluding the flavoured milk products.



So unless David Shearer deliberately used special pricing for Coke, and chose the most expensive brand of milk, then he has mislead everyone on the comparison between milk and Coke.

It looks very much like David Shearer and Labour have been misleading.

A quick check before rushing to print would have saved Aimee Gulliver some embarrassment and enabled her to call out David Shearer for his misleading statement. Journalists and media organisations are meant to fact check not just regurgitate press releases.


– Fairfax