New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending Competition, Ctd


The people of Christchurch have been nominating all sorts of silly spending by their council and Mayor Lianne ?Patsy? Dalziel. In the midst of a massive budget shortfall, in the vicinity of $1.2 billion dollars, the Christchurch City Council is making some very silly decisions.

Solar Powered Dunnies at $125,000 a time seem a bit expensive, but they are a lot cheaper than the exceptionally useless piece of art that you can?t even take a dump in.


And yet they spend $2M on …?

It’s downright ugly and the worst thing is that in the afternoon sun, the spinny thingy’s reflect the sun, so there is quite a bit of real distraction when you are driving.


The Ministry for Culture and Heritage website says:

Fanfare, a 20?metre?diameter, $2 million sculpture by Christchurch artist Neil Dawson plans to be installed by?SCAPEPublic Art in 2014.The Christchurch City Council?s Community, Recreation and Culture Committee yesterday strongly supported and agreed to the installation and ongoing maintenance of?Fanfare. Further work is to involve a workshop to confirm a suitable location before a proposal is presented to Council.

Yes that is a pretty stupid bit of spending when the council is having to flog off its assets to keep afloat. Although in the interests of honesty it is not costing $2m as it is a bit of second hand art.

The cost to commission and install the artwork is $848,000 of which the Christchurch City Council?s Public Art Fund has committed $350,000 as its portion of the $730,000 confirmed funding to the project.? To raise the shortfall required for the artwork?s commissioning and installation, the Art & Industry Biennial Trust will undertake a public fundraising campaign. Members of the public and local businesses will have an opportunity to join the ?Fan Club? once a site for?Fanfare?has been confirmed.

Obviously the Socialist Republic of Christchurch thinks that it can keep bludging other people’s money to rebuild their rooted city, but like all socialists they have actually managed to run out of other people?s money.