Phil Quin on Cats and Constitutions

Phil Quin is bemused by Maggie Barry’s death wish on cats.

What concerns me is this: why on earth does a NZ government have the power to tell its citizen how many cats they can own?

These debates happen all the time in NZ. Let?s ban this, or restrict that ? often in response to some moral panic brought on by the confluence of more than one newspaper article on a given subject.

Our unwritten constitution often seem to offer?carte blanche to governments to regulate, ban, restrict anything they like, apparently on a whim.

Kiwis love to bash the U.S.; mock its gun culture, for example, and the extremes of its politics. ?But, living there for several years, I came to respect the limited nature of constitutional government ? and the fact that, at state and federal level, there are courts whose job it is to determine where governments have committed overreach. Cat fanciers in America would have a law such as that proposed by Barry struck down in minutes. In fact, no government would even propose it, knowing that it couldn?t pass constitutional muster. ??

I?m far less interested in restricting the number of cats than I am in exploring the limits on governments telling us what to do and how to live our lives.

All good points, though personally I’d like it if all cats died.

Plus anyone who has more than 3 cats is definitely very strange – and there is a good likelihood their house and them stink real bad.

Cats are Satan’s little helpers. Next time I go to Taranaki I’m going to nail the big feral one I saw at a distance – now I know it is there I’ll spend a day trying to call it into range of the .22-250…which is 400yds, just quietly.

Meanwhile I think Maggie Barry deserves Politician of the Week.


– Phil Quin