Please tell me why I should stay with Sky


So can anyone give me a single reason why I should still have a Sky account?

Don’t say sport, I can stream whatever I want…plus there are multiple sports channels with far more sport than most could consume available on multiple systems including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV (I have both) plus other systems. ESPN boxing and MMA coverage is superb, plus other sports that are never aired on NZ television, without paying extortionate fees to Sky TV for channels I barely watch.

Don’t say Movies, I can get whatever I want through Netflix, Hulu, HBO and a myriad of other services that in total don’t add up to the cost of even Sky Basic. ?

Browsing through all the American channels I now have through my Amazon Fire TV and also my Apple TV I can see that our television offerings on Sky and also TVNZ and Mediaworks are poos. A+E is awesome and has many hunting shows which I enjoy, and HBO is pretty cool too.

So, why bother with Sky?

I can’t find a single reason to stay with them other than until I get a TV with a built in Freeview decoder then Sky provides me with the free to air TV I almost never watch.

So, yes I am really struggling to find a reason to keep paying those thieving monopolists who want me to conform to schedules of rubbish, rather than pick and choose what I want to watch whenever I want to watch it.

With fibre now I really can’t see a point in paying them.