Political Muppets


This young Muppet is fresh faced and eager to please.His Leader was unable to join him so sadly he represents his party all on his own. It is a big job for a new boy but he has the confidence, if not the experience to give it a go.


Your challenge is to match a politician with a Muppet.

Dust off your photoshop skills and do me proud.



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  • hookerphil

    No skills but countdown commencing for MISS PIGGGGGYYYYYYY

  • Timebandit

    start with this!!

  • Uncle Bully
  • MrAuz1989

    Elderly, seemingly everlasting, constantly taking in fluids and in the end, time catches up with him……..Winston to a “T”


  • Korau

    Times Up Kim

  • Uncle Bully

    I would have suggested Jacinda, but Janice’s teeth aren’t big enough….


  • stanman

    Joyce n Waldorf

  • spanishbride


    • David Moore

      That’s shooting fish in a barrel!

  • Nechtan

  • Misfit


  • Mrs Doubtfire

    Material Girl

    • Wahbonnah

      Lol extra points for an appropriate song!

  • JLS

    Sam the Eagle

    • Timebandit

      Might have been better

      • Timebandit

        Try again

        • JLS

          Nah, this is that guy- check out the suit- he forgot his sign this day

  • JLS

    Sorry Big Bird

  • JLS

    And of course…

  • Rick H

    Trying to post images without the horrid URL txt being seen

    • Rick H

      original image was this