Rankin quits Conservatives saying she has “had enough”

Christine has had enough of the silly games of Colin Craig.

She’s quit stating that she has “had enough” after Colin Craig started his PR onslaught trying to shame Rachel MacGregor and digging in to keep his party under the thumb.

Conservative Party chief executive Christine Rankin has resigned, saying she has “had enough” of the swirling allegations around Colin Craig.

Craig, who stood down as leader last Friday, is also said to be in the process of setting up a new party if the board expels him.

“I’ve resigned from the party, and I’ve resigned from the board. Enough is enough,” said Rankin.

She criticised the board over its inaction in dealing with Craig.

“I don’t want to be part of that, I’ve hung on long enough.”

Rankin said Craig had appeared to accept his future with the Conservatives was over. ??

“Well he’s said he’s going to form a new party. I feel like cutting my throat.”

Rankin said she felt “great” to have cut her ties.

“It’s over for me, I’ve done everything I can do. I think I’ve given the most sound advice in terms of what the board and the party should do, they haven’t acted. I’ve had enough.”

Word has it that Craig has rallied his sycophants on the board, including chair Brian Dobbs, and is now focussing on the leaks and a witch-hunt against John Stringer.

One wonders what Colin Craig has over Brian Dobbs, because Dobbs and Day were both shown evidence about Colin Craig’s “inappropriate behaviour” last Thursday. Dobbs now thinks poor old Colin needs a second chance.

Word from other members of the board suggests that it is Dobbs who is prevaricating in an attempt to allow Colin Craig to frame the public debate.

Colin Craig meanwhile is emailing and communicating with members utilising the membership lists not available to anyone else. There is obviously no delineation between Centurion and the Conservative pary.

At yesterday’s press conference which was supposed to be Colin Craig’s alone, there were numerous Conservative party staffers there.

The party is dysfunctional and still beholden to creepy Colin and his fellow cult leaders.


– Fairfax