Surely this is a kickback?

The Taxpayers’ Union have revealed a rather troubling payment to a listed company.

The Taxpayers? Union is questioning why Upper Hutt City Council is trumpeting a $36,000 ‘economic development’ grant to?BurgerFuel, a listed company, to establish a BurgerFuel in Upper Hutt.?Taxpayers? Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says:

?This is possibly the most ridiculous example of corporate welfare we?ve seen yet. You work hard, you pay your rates, and Upper Hutt City spends it on a burger joint.”

?Sucking money out of a community to spend it on a favoured business isn?t economic development, it?s robbing the poor to pay the rich. Money that would have been spent by citizens has been funnelled into the pockets of BurgerFuel?s investors.?

?Ratepayers will be absolutely gobsmacked that the Council?s economic development strategy is ratepayer funded handouts to takeaway parlours. We call on the Mayor to front-up and explain how this is possibly a good use of Upper Hutt ratepayers’ precious money.”

“Even BurgerFuel can?t believe their luck. Its?Australasia head has told ratepayers that?this is the first time the company has worked with a council.?

Surely this is a kickback or a bribe?


– Taxpayers’ Union