The Huddle at 1740


I’m on ZB with?Larry Williams to do?The Huddle with?Jock Anderson

Planned?topics include:

  • No surprise for the first topic: ?Colin Craig’s press conference. ?I personally doubt we’ll get to the other topics, as I can give first hand reporting from the conference as well as the information I hold for Whaleoil, of course. ?But if we do get past that, then:
  • The PPTA are blocking a teacher student from completing his degree because he?s worked at a Charter school.
  • Len?s being limp wristed with the POAL over the way the consent for their wharf extension was granted. ??Clearly the court has said that the consent should not have been given without public notification ? that would make the consent null and void I would have thought.
    Instead Len?s now saying they?re going to have a chat

You can listen online via iHeartRadio and normal?methods.

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