The Whaleoil Supreme Sugar Award goes to…

The sugar debate is an interesting one. It?s now full of troughers so high on their own sense of importance that they lose their rag when people take them on.


They call it #DirtyPolitics.

But this new Whaleoil Award doesn?t actually go to a trougher sitting in Otago University?s Department of Troughers in Wellington???tempting as it may be.

No, this award goes to a successful businessman. A man so rat-shit cunning he uses the obesity troughers? conferences to run hits against the fizzy drink industry.

The strategy is simple. Wind up as much noise as possible against a competitor so that they end up buying your business just to shut you up.

To help with this #DirtyPolitics strategy, this man also ran print ads in the Herald on behalf of Australian class-action lawyers calling for a class action against Coca Cola and Frucor ? and then claimed he had never heard of them.


Meanwhile months before the ads were printed, he pre-warns on Twitter of a ?class action missile? headed Coke?s way.


Then Dirty Politics hits the stands and he?s back in the media suddenly as a ?victim of a smear campaign?. This time though, this successful businessman recognises how the game is played and says;


This successful business person actually gets it.

So who does the WhaleOil Supreme Sugar Award go to?

The boss of Just Water ? Mr Tony Falkenstein.

After running numerous hit jobs against ?Big Sugar?, he?s now overseeing the largest private distribution of artificially coloured sugar lollies in New Zealand to entice comments from people for his business.


There are few who could match the gall of Tony Falkenstein. It?s outrageous, yet brilliant all in one go.

And more importantly, he?s just given the one finger salute to all his ?mates? in the anti-sugar lobby.