This is news how?

Fairfax have a story about how some cars, used in the commission of crimes have been sold…oh the horror.

Car buyers beware: that bargain buy could be harbouring a dark secret.

Motors involved in some of the country’s most gruesome crimes are being sold for knockdown prices – and legal experts say there’s no obligation for sellers to warn buyers.

That was the reality for a Whangarei grandfather who bought the car used to run down Auckland woman Blessie Gotingco , and in which she was raped and killed.

“If I’d known that about it beforehand, I probably wouldn’t have bought it,” the 70-year-old, who did not wish to be named, said.

“I suppose I don’t like it. But I can’t do much about it now.”

The silver BMW 540i was purchased for $1330 at a damaged vehicles auction at Turners in Hamilton in August – less than three months after Gotingco was killed.

Despite damage to the car, the man never imagined that it was a murder accessory.

“It had a broken bumper, it was split. It had dents in the top of the bonnet as well, and it had had the windscreen replaced – there was bits of glass still inside it,” he said.

“The back seat was gone and the floor mat was missing.” ?

Gotingco was hit by the 1996 V8 BMW on May 24 last year, on Auckland’s North Shore, as she was walking home from the bus after work. The impact damaged the front of the car and broke the windscreen.

That night in the back seat, where the offender had bundled the injured Gotingco after running her down, in the garage of his rented apartment, the man raped her, slit her throat and stabbed her.

In court, it was revealed that the seatbelt had been cut and there were slash marks in the seat. A forensic scientist found “heavy, clotted blood” in the back seat of the car, and pooled blood in the boot, where it is believed the killer put his victim once he had killed her.

The killer, who was found guilty at trial this month, has interim name suppression although his image is allowed to be shown.

He had bought the car on March 27 last year and was still paying it off at the time of the crime.

When they took possession of the car, police performed crimescene analysis inside it. When they were finished, they cleaned and released the car back to the finance company owed money by the killer.

It is not clear who removed the back seats and floormats. It was taken to Turners for sale in the damaged vehicles auction.

“They just said it had been repossessed. We put other seats in and a new floor mat.

“As a buyer, I would have liked to have known. I suppose anything you buy, you can’t really know the history – but that’s quite a major history, isn’t it?”

He planned to tell his wife about the car on the quiet, but would make sure his grandchildren didn’t know, he said. His daughter wanted to buy the car off him, he added, and he would tell her about it too.

What is this?

Some sort of moralising on the disposal of assets?

Is Fairfax suggesting that these cars can’t be sold? What next? A story about houses where murders were committed being sold on?

What a load of superstitious nonsense.

Imagine the storage facilities needed, if anything used in the commission of a crime wasn’t able to be sold because of one reason or another.