Will Twitter Terrorist Tiso apologise now?

The first mass action instigated by Twitter Terrorist Giovanni Tiso has resulted in what is likely to have been a massive settlement in favour of John Tamihere.

This of course has emboldened Twitter Terrorist Tiso to go on more wonky jihads against advertisers.

Mediaworks will today apologise unreservedly to former talkback host John Tamihere for the way it handled his departure from RadioLive following a controversial interview during the Roastbusters scandal.

Mr Tamihere sued the media company – which operates TV3 and a string of radio stations – in December 2013 alleging defamation and breach of contract.

He said he had been made a scapegoat following a public backlash to an interview with a female caller who claimed to be friends with one of the young men accused of boasting online about their sexual conquests of underage girls.

The case had appeared destined for a lengthy period of litigation until a surprise settlement was agreed on Friday.?

Lawyers for Mediaworks had sought to have the case settled by private mediation. In response Mr Tamihere lodged an appeal with the Court of Appeal arguing the case should be heard in an open court.

That action was withdrawn once the two parties a reached a confidential settlement, which includes a commitment by Mediaworks to broadcast an apology before or after a primetime news bulletin.

Mr Tamihere and co-cost of the Willie and JT Show, Willie Jackson, were heavily criticised following a November 2013 interview with a mystery 18-year-old caller known only as Amy.

The interview was interpreted by some as victim blaming and Mr Tamihere and Mr Jackson were both stood down in the face of a threatened boycott by RadioLive advertisers. Mr Jackson later returned to the air with Alison Mau as his co-host, while Mr Tamihere’s contract was not renewed.

This should serve as a lesson to other people not to bow to Twitter Terrorists and anti-freedom of speech activists like Giovanni Tiso and his pals and enablers. Ironically many of them work in media too.

This type of bullying behaviour by the Twatterati has severe consequences, not just for people losing their jobs, but for the organisations bullied into acting inappropriately.

Companies and organisations need to stand up to these fools like Wicked Campers did. Their anger is fleeting and their boycotts are mere words and almost never backed up by actions.

Gutlessness in the face of Twitter terror just enables the Twitter Terrorists. Stand firm and tell them in no uncertain terms to GFY.

The last irony is that Tiso may have inadvertently cost Campbell Live its spot because the cash that they have paid out to JT might well have been used to save the show with a nice pay rise to keep John Campbell. Nice one Giovanni.


– NZ Herald