Wrongly Wrongson Wrong Again

Yes, that's right comrades, I have poo on my fingers

Yes, that’s right comrades, I have poo on my fingers

The most wrong person in NZ politics Wrongly Wrongson aka Martyn Martin Bradbury is wrong again.

The other day he blogged:

Heather du Plessis-Allan has turned down TV3?s offer to host their new 7pm show with Duncan Garner so I think management should just go the whole hog and appoint Rachel Glucina to work as Duncan?s co-anchor.

If TV3 are trying to imitate the hate crime against public broadcasting that is ?Seven Sharp?, then they may as well be totally open to being as sycophantic as ?Seven Sharp? and put Rachel in there. She pretends to be a PR person, so she may as well pretend to be a broadcaster as well.

If TV3 were serious about trying to get back their credibility they would put the incredibly talented?Paula Penfold in the role, but I fear that?s not what they are aiming for.

My God TV broadcasting has become a ruined nightmare under a Government that wants the people distracted rather than informed.

And today it was announced that:

Heather du Plessis-Allan and Duncan Garner will host Story, TV3’s new 7pm current affairs show, MediaWorks has announced.

MediaWorks group head of news Mark Jennings said Story would be a “smart, fun and thought-provoking show that will lead the way in daily current affairs”.

“Story will focus on the issues that are relevant and important to all New Zealanders. We will be looking for the best stories, the most interesting stories and the stories New Zealanders are talking about,” he said.

“Duncan and Heather are two of New Zealand’s top journalists. They will be a formidable team at 7pm.”

Garner will continue to present the RadioLive drive show, from 3pm to 6pm weekdays.

The new show will be simulcast on RadioLive.

Well done to Duncan and Heather – they will certainly be better than that pompous ass John Campbell. It also won’t upset the lefties that much since they are still all boycotting TV3.

Meanwhile Wrongly Wrongson is wrong yet again.

He really is the reverse Midas with his predictions, and poo-fingers almost everything he touches.


– The Daily Blog, NZ Herald