A million dollars for a website? Christchurch City Council have got to be nuts


The Taxpayers’ Union has revealed that the Christchurch City Council has spent?more than a million dollars of ratepayers’ money on a flash new website.

The Taxpayers? Union?is labelling Christchurch City Council’s spending of $1.2 million on their new website as irresponsible.?Taxpayers? Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says:

?Rather than spending ratepayers? money on the rebuild effort, Christchurch City Council have splashed out $1.2 million on a website.? ??

?This is a new record. We have previously criticised Marlborough District Council for spending $400,000 on their website, but Christrchurch City Council make this fiscal recklessness seem?modest.”

This at a time when the council is looking at trying to remove the government from rebuild processes so they can do it themselves.

Presumably the government can then stop pouring money into Christchurch.

On the evidence of this latest?spending it seems the Christchurch City Council has plenty of spare cash sloshing around.


– Taxpayers’ Union