Comment of the Day


George nails it again:

With the comments today reflecting on the possibility of Phil Goff standing for Auckland Mayor, there needs to be consideration of why he is not being snapped up by the private sector.

I believe the private sector wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole nor would they do so with the encumbered (sic).

The only way these career politicians can wield power is through being elected to office where qualified merit is not a requisite. Socialists’ support comes from those who are generally not involved in generating their own income thus relying on the endeavours of others to either provide employment or State benefits. ?

This platform of support is how Len Brown (and now the possibility of Goff) get to wield the power they could not secure within the private sector. They talk the talk and strut their stuff but they have never created an income through their own investment and initiative. Goff comes from this stable.

His academic success was immediately channeled into socialist politics and his ethical history has been well exposed on this site. As for his qualifications to be the CEO of the biggest commercial and social structure this country has ever produced, they are laughable.

He is a lightweight politician whose?ego is far more advanced than his commercial nous.

The unfortunate reality is there is no interview panel, no relative qualification required and those who elect you are as ignorant as the electee.

That is the loophole that Goff will exploit.

Well said George.