David Parker goes all in on racist policy, attacks Devoy

Labour appears to have gone all in on their racist housing policy with David Parker launching a stinging attack on Susan Devoy.

Normally Parker is busily staring at goats, but he goes nasty and shows he was complicit in the race-baiting policy.

Labour has hit back at Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy over her criticisms of its Chinese house-buying data.

The party’s shadow attorney-general David Parker said Devoy was wrong and had undermined her role.

Devoy said on Monday the use of?”half-baked” housing data to suggest overseas Chinese nationals were increasingly buying property in Auckland was “disappointing”.

“Chinese New Zealanders deserve better than this and so does anyone keen on actually solving this issue.”

Parker said the data used by Labour housing spokesman Phil Twyford was carefully checked by him and by the New Zealand Herald, which published it.

“The data used is the best available and the Herald story makes that clear. Ms Devoy does not present any alternative data,” he said.

This shows just how venal Labour have become, but what is worse is that Labour has worked very closely with a newspaper, so close that that newspaper can’t dare criticise Labour for their appalling attack on Chinese people.

When media work with political parties what can we call that other than Dirty Media working closely with Dirty Politics.

The very thing that Labour ran a campaign on last year is now being peddled by them.

“She should re-read the Human Rights Act because there is nothing in the Act that says contentious issues ought not to be discussed. There is nothing racist in what has been said. Labour’s policy is that if you have the right to live here you have the right to buy here, whatever your ethnicity.”

Parker said he was surprised Devoy had not commented that it was outrageous the article showed Maori and Pasifika grossly under-represented as house buyers, house sellers and agents.

“Surely this level of social exclusion is bad for race relations.”

No but they are over represented in crime, prison and welfare…while Chinese are under-represented in those statistics.

David Parker sounds like he is trying to deliver a lesson in ethics to Susan Devoy, which is ironic consider she has never tried to steal the partner of a stroke victim.

Phil Quin was right yesterday…once the race card is played it can never be unplayed.

Labour, who mocked the Prime Minister for not remembering the Springbok tour now stand accused of shameless dog-whistling and racism.

What has Andrew Little done to Helen Clark’s Labour party.


– Fairfax