Does John Kerry actually know shit from clay?


It appears Murray McCully is John Kerry’s bitch…or maybe not.

Oh how nice, thanked for the Iran deal…at least we will know who to blame when it all turns to custard, which it will. ?

But this is rather funny.

John Kerry thanked NZ yesterday for its support of the Iran deal and for its hard work on the UNSC.?This, though, was four days after Kerry said he had no idea how NZ voted (at?at 01:26:25)

Something must have been funny, people were laughing. I wonder if it was at John Kerry or with him?

All those media types troughing it up on their all UN-funded, expenses-paid trip to the UN to watch McCully bang the gavel and spout scripted utterances might like to ask him how well John Kerry actually knows New Zealand. I mean you’ve barely written anything else while enjoying New York, you may as well make yourself useful.

I mean John Kerry didn’t even know NZ was chairing the Security Council.