Driving merit points: the latest PC “everyone’s a winner” nonsense

I see a newspaper editorial is all in favour of the latest “everyone is ?winner” PC nonsense currently doing the rounds advocating for merit points for good drivers.

Nothing annoys generally well-behaved drivers quite so much as having the traffic rulebook thrown at them for a minor transgression. It offends their notion of fairness and, in the process, erodes their support for the police. The police, for their part, have little option but to issue tickets. Successive governments’ emphasis on lowering the road toll has dictated a low-tolerance approach. It is welcome, therefore, that a way around this unsatisfactory state of affairs may soon surface in the shape of merit points.

The concept will be studied in research about to be initiated by the Transport Agency. It will be part of an analysis of the impact of demerit points since their introduction 22 years ago. The research will ask if they have achieved better driver compliance, whether a merit-based system would be more effective, or whether the two should operate in tandem. Merit points would be gained for the time a motorist has been driving without receiving a ticket. Or they may operate as in Victoria, where tickets can be waived if a driver’s good record is deemed to warrant just a warning. ?

The Transport Agency’s director of road safety, Ernst Zollner, seems well disposed to their introduction. “It’s about designing a system around the ‘reasonable motorist’, who is usually compliant but if they make a mistake, they are not overly punished,” he says. Those reasonable drivers would not be the only beneficiaries. In terms of image and standing, the police were done no favours by the 1992 merger of front-line and road-traffic officers. Law-abiding people, who had rarely encountered them and had huge respect for their role protecting the public, suddenly had much greater contact – sometimes in a way that got their backs up.

What a waste of time.?This is just nonsense.

As for helping out the poor beleagured Police, well that is easy to solve. Stop putting speed cameras at the end of passing lanes, blocking off passing lanes, hiding at the end of passing lanes and being general wankers when it comes to policing speed.

Every week there is a speed camera on one side or the other of the Northern Motorway between Silverdale and Oteha Valley…a dual carriageway with median barriers and long straight pieces of road.

Have a guess how many road deaths there have been on that stretch of road on average each year?

I’ll tell you…its about two…and that includes side roads. It is hardly a black spot, but thats where the Police set up their speed cameras…they have even built a special parking bay on one side heading South from Silverdale.

As for merit points…spare me.


-?A newspaper