Is Donald Trump?s strategy going to work for him? Nope

The less well informed think The Donald will triumph and become president…they are wrong.

Truth Revolt reports:

Donald Trump has the worst rating among all GOP contenders when Gallup asked Americans to say whether they had a favorable or unfavorable view of each of the respective candidates. While Trump came second overall on the favorability?ranking, his very high unfavorable?ranking puts him squarely in a negative light for the majority of Americans.

Trump is viewed favorably by 32% of American adults but unfavorably by 56%. A?further 13% said they had no opinion or had not heard of Trump – leading to a?”net favorable” rating of -24. Chris Christie has the second-worst rating at -9.?Lindsey Graham is third with -7.

Jeb Bush is the candidate with the highest favorable rating;?35% of those polled said they viewed the former Florida governor in a positive light. ?

Name recognition is a?real problem for several candidates including top tier names like Marco Rubio. Despite Rubio polling well among Republicans, 48% of those polled by Gallup said they?either had not heard of or had no opinion of the Florida senator. Among other candidates, 44% had the same reaction to Rand Paul’s name, 59% to Scott Walker and 60% to Bobby Jindal.

Name recognition matters now but once selected it doesn’t matter at all…because the Republican campaign machine ensures wall to wall coverage.

Donald Trump is like so many other wealthy men trying to buy their way into power. He appeals to political numpties and weirdos who can’t find a home in other parties or are on the fringes.

He makes more noise than he deserves…he is kind of like the Giovanni Tiso of American politics. Lots of snide quotes and bluster but stuff all else.

His pathetic attack on John McCain deserves ridicule…a draft dodger accusing a Vietnam veteran of not being a hero because he was captured and tortured never plays well in the US.


– Truth Revolt