It?s plain Greed. And the stupid pay their stupid tax

People who have $275k to invest in the first place are plainly not stupid. ?But they are greedy.

Greedy enough to believe in the Indian Tooth Fairy.

An Auckland businessman has gone to police after paying $275,000 to a witch doctor on a temporary visa who skipped the country hours after receiving the cash.

It appears all the other astrologers offering to rid New Zealanders of black magic are also on the run.

The astrologer businessman Amir Ahmadian visited to get investment advice in Papatoetoe has vanished, gone without a trace back to India, with $275,000 of his money.

“They say you are going to get $22 million, which we do for you as an investment, within seven days,” says Mr Ahmadian.

He is one of hundreds of Kiwis sucked in by the influx of “witch doctors”. Promised prayers by 100 gurus in India, he handed over the $275,000 expecting a hefty return on investment. ?

“I tried hard to get his passport. They convince me they have companies here that are working with them.”

“He’s thought, ‘I’m in New Zealand and I’m trading with a New Zealand company. I’m protected,'” says Mr Ahmadian’s lawyer, Shafraz Khan. “That’s what’s lost him his money.”

The New Zealand company the witch doctor claimed he was linked to was in fact a money exchange firm Indo Kiwi.

Indo Kiwi director Navtej Randhawa told us he’s cooperating fully with police. He’s given them the bank account number the money was transferred to in India and even a photo of the man who arranged the transfer.

I see a point in protecting the weak, but if someone fleeces an otherwise capable person out of $275k due to plain greed, then I think the transaction was entirely equitable.

Anyone though who pays 275,000 for prayer by 100 dodgy Indian “gurus” is not just stupid, but greedy also.


– 3News