Just when you didn’t think a newspaper could stoop any lower… [UPDATED]

Not content with dumbing down the main news section, a newspaper has brought in a gossip column for its business pages?and?Holly Ryan?the ?Retail, Innovation and Manufacturing reporter is running the tawdry little gossip column.

No I’m not kidding.

Let us know …?

This is not a gossip column but….

The new weekly Page2 is a chance to share stories and pictures about business personalities and events so please drop us a line [email protected] We promise to be nice.”

Perhaps Holly need some tipoffs on NZME unhappiness? ?

This is obviously one of the new initiatives from?the newly appointed Editorial Director ? Business for NZME, Ms Frances O’Sullivan.

You may be sure we won’t be seeing any gossip about Fonterra or Tim Groser or anyone from NZTE in that column.

But I’ve got a good tip…for Holly…run this one past the Editorial Director for a reaction.

Which major business organisation has pulled all their research from the Mood of the Boardroom?

With just a few weeks until the Herald are due to have their much vaunted Mood of the Boardroom function it would seem that all is not well. The sponsors are concerned and sniggering amongst other media is reaching audible levels.

There you go Holly, don’t say I never do anything helpful for a newspaper.

UPDATE: A tipster suggests that Ms Ryan should also be reporting on why Brian Fallow has left – though he will continue to contribute columns. Final straw for him was when they tried to force him to share an office with Newstalk ZB?s ad salespeople in Taranaki St miles from Parliament. (He?s not a member of the Press Gallery team but is accredited to the Gallery.)


– Holly Ryan, a newspaper.