Kraut pushback against doing deal to help dodgy socialist Greek ratbags

Angela Merkel is in a spot of bother for daring to entertain bailing out the dodgy, socialist Greek ratbags for a third time.

Germany?s ruling coalition appears to be deeply split over Greece?s latest reform proposals ahead of a climactic meeting of EU leaders at the weekend.

While senior Social Democrats (SPD), the junior partners in Chancellor Angela Merkel?s government, welcomed the list of concessions from the Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, members of her own conservative bloc were scathing about Greece?s position.

As financial experts digested the plan from Athens, the joint chief executive of Berlin?s stock exchange, Artur Fischer, said that business leaders in Germany felt Greece had squandered its credibility, and that if Merkel agreed to a third bailout for Greece, she could also be signing up to the continuation of the crisis for years to come, thereby risking her chancellorship.

?This is the toughest time in her chancellorship so far. Can she resist the voices of opposition within her own party to push through a third bailout in the Bundestag that most of them are against?? said Fischer.

The decision to either push for a third bailout, a course that would set her against many within her own party, or let Greece leave the eurozone, which could greatly damage Europe?s image as well as her own legacy, will be Merkel?s biggest challenge.

The Krauts are over the bludging ways of?the Greeks…and most of the rest of Europe is too. Even the Latvians are saying enough is enough.

Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma told German radio that she would not agree to a proposal for Greece that included a debt writedown.

Asked where the “red line” would be for her, Straujuma told Deutschlandfunk radio:

“First of all it would be a debt writedown, that would definitely not work,” Straujuma said in remarks that were recorded on Thursday evening and translated into German.

The Greeks need 18 countries?in the Eurozone to agree to a third bailout…which will simply prolong actually having to fix the problem. If just one country says no, then the Greeks are screwed.


– The Guardian, Reuters