Labour’s little problem attacking people with chinky sounding names

Labour has got a problem looming…with their constant attacks on Asians.

Phil Twyford though was busily telling people at the caucus retreat in Rotorua that this was Labour’s Orewa moment. That remains to be seen, but what happened for National after Orewa was it increased its vote, but more importantly increased its donations as Kiwi voters sought a party that believed in one law for all.

Labour’s problem is their policy a) can’t be implemented and is nothing more than dog-whistling slogans and b) it creates segregation based on race.

Which is a little strange for a party that happily accepts money from donors with chink sounding names.

Like Phil Goff:

Goff-donorsPhil Twyford won’t care, he didn’t get a single donation.

Su’a William Sio might have problems too:

sioAnnette King is busted as well:


So while Labour are perfectly happy bashing up Asians for political gain they also want to take their money to get re-elected.

Labour might just find that this won’t be their Orewa moment. But they will find their donors dry up.

The other thing people now know is that if you leak to labour you will get fired.