Let’s give half of rural roads to road maggots. NZTA abandons cycle safe trial after a day


What sort of a moron gives up half of the road for road maggots?

The agency tasked to look after the nation’s roadways have been called on to explain a cycle lane trial that left motor vehicles on a collision course.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) created two sets of cycle lanes on Thursday and Friday last week on either side of Roto-o-rangi Rd near Leamington in Cambridge.

Roto-o-rangi Rd was reduced to the size of a single lane just three paces wide, leaving local councillors fuming.

The speed limit was reduced to 60kmh to allow for the cyclists and cars to share the road but by Saturday, the monitored trial was called off.?

The issue was raised as a late item at the full council meeting in Te Awamutu this week but elected leaders were unable to vote on it.

Waipa is known for its strong cycling fraternity with the region’s country roads and Cambridge’s Avantidrome attracting hundreds of cyclists.

But even bike-loving councillors wanted answers. Cr John Bishop was adamant NZTA should front up and explain what they were thinking.

“I would like to suggest that NZTA and Opus front up at the next Service Delivery meeting while we deal with this,” said Bishop.

Mayor Jim Mylchreest said the request would be put to the roading agency and was concerned the council would be cast in a bad light.

“It’s unanimous around this table that the trial was an absolute disaster and didn’t achieve the results that NZTA were after,” said Mylchreest.

Literally millions of dollars of ratepayer and tapayer money is being spent on road marking and cycling initiatives.

The road maggots claim that because they drive cars sometimes then they pay road user charges which are used to support this. I call bullshit on that.

Road user charges are collected via fuel taxes or in?the?case of diesel vehicles by a separate?purchase. The RUC is plowed straight back into roading and the reason why trucks and other heavy vehicles pay more is supposed to be because of the damage caused by those vehicles.

But no one is paying for the cyclist friendly road markings…because cycles are not registered nor are the cyclists licence…the only two viable ways to charge road maggots for using ROADS.

if road maggots want cycleways and cycle lanes and other cycle friendly infrastructure then they are going to need to start paying.

Meanwhile it is the taxpayer who gets hit up for the cost of blunders like this.


– fairfax