Poms tell porridge wogs to stick it

David Cameron is manning up to the halfwit socialists in Scotland, and ensuring that they can not block sensible pommy law changes.

David Cameron has said that the wishes of English MPs will never again be “overruled” by those in Scotland as his government announces plans to give them a veto on English-only laws.

Chris Grayling, the leader of the Commons, is expected to unveil plans to use a parliamentary procedure known as a standing order to stop Scottish MPs from shaping legislation that only affects English voters.

The move, one of the Conservative’s flagship manifesto proposals, is likely to be put to a vote on the floor of the house later this month, meaning it could become law by the summer.

Mr Grayling will also announce plans for a review to establish the “next steps” which could see English MPs given even more power over English issues.?

The announcement will trigger a fresh battle with the SNP, which warned that the plans would “break the Union”. They accused Mr Cameron of creating a “two tier” system of MPs which will relegate the role of those with constituencies in Scotland.

Mr Cameron rejected the claims and said: “What we are putting in place is fair and balanced UK. We are not creating a system of two tiers forMPs, all MPs will still vote on all bills. Laws which only apply in England should only pass if they are supported by a majority of English MPs.

“What we are proposing is actually a very measured and sensible step which says when there is a bill that only affects, for instance, England, the committee stage should be only English MPs. What this is going to introduce is a system to make sure the wishes of English MPs cannot be overruled.”

He?d be better off letting the porridge wogs become independent, as the socialists up there would quickly run out of other peoples money, and all the best Scots would move out of Scotland to avoid punitive taxes.

And England could vote for sensible tory governments forever.


– The Telegraph