Poor old Chris Trotter, he is back on his Greek delusions

Dear old Chris Trotter, he is back making up wistful stories about the demise of the socialist ratbags in Greece, who seem to believe they can have a free ride paid for by other hard working people like the Krauts.

He thinks there are three groups commenting?on the Greek crisis, the first group is the largest and are those who simply don’t care.

Then there are people like me, and most readers of this site who he describes like this:

Then there?s the group that regards the unfolding Greek crisis as a simple morality tale. According to this view, the Greeks awarded themselves a lifestyle they had not earned and paid for it with other people?s money. When the music stopped and their creditors came a-calling, the Greeks were required to discover just how unpleasant life can become when excessive debt falls due. As far as this group is concerned, the Greeks are in the process of being taught some very valuable lessons. On no account, therefore, should the EU be encouraged to remove its knife from Greece?s throat.

Yup…that’s life in the real world. Unfortunately the sky is tinged permanently pink in Chris’ world:

The third group?s response to Greece is born out of natural human empathy. They see a whole people suffering tremendous hardship and their first response is to do everything humanly possible to end it. The notion that this mass suffering must be continued ? even intensified ? to satisfy the demands of international finance strikes them as obscene. Responding to the second group?s pitiless moralising, they undertake some basic research into the Greeks? predicament. What they discover makes them even more appalled. Greece isn?t a morality tale, it?s a horror story. The only ethical course of action is to stand in solidarity with the Greek people and offer full support to their courageous left-wing government.

They aren’t courageous, they are filthy bludgers wanting to bludge some more. But don’t you love his narrative…people like us are uncaring arseholes and people like him are the thoughtful caring socialists. Yeah and the biggest cause of social deprivation in?the?world in the 20th century was what? Oh that’s right socialism in all its forms from the communist to the national socialists, to the socialists. If any ideology is morally and physically bankrupt it is socialism.

But Trotter goes on with his delusions…and then a lie.

It is a measure of how strong the grip of the free-market philosophy has become in this country that the third group finds itself being pilloried for its ?soft? approach to Greece. The second group prides itself on being ?hard-nosed? about such matters. What the Greeks need is the sort of ?tough love? that parents are encouraged to dispense to wayward offspring. Unlike the ?bleeding hearts? of the third group, the second group knows that sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

Those who recall the response of these hard-nosed New Zealanders to?Campbell Live?s extraordinary broadcasts on child poverty in New Zealand will not have been in the least bit surprised by their reaction to the Greek Crisis. In almost every respect their reaction has been the same. We?ve heard how such deprivation that does exist is simply the result of poor personal choices. Like the spendthrift Greeks, irresponsible parents have contributed hugely to their own ? and their children?s ? poverty. To intervene with undeserved assistance would merely prolong an already interminable saga of material dependency and moral failure.

It?s been the same in this country for a very long time. On the one hand stand the people who judge the world according to a brittle set of inherited moral precepts ? almost all of them thinly disguised justifications for selfishness and greed. While, on the other, stand the people who respond to the world as it presents itself to them. Where they see suffering they try to end it. Where they see injustice they try to fight it. Their moral code stipulates, simply, that they should do unto others as they would have others do unto them.

Sigh…He refuses to see that which is put in front of him. Poverty exists in New Zealand but it is relative, and almost always as a result of poor personal choices. Show me a poor person and I’ll show you someone who won’t shut her legs and has 7 children when she could barely afford one.

Then he lies.

It?s the same simple principle which the Greeks applied in 1953 when they voted, with many others, to forgive a huge percentage of Germany?s international debt. That the Germans have so signally failed to reciprocate says much more about their morals than it does about the Greeks?.

In 1953 when Germany had some debts forgiven it might surprise Chris Trotter, who is usually an astute observer of history, that the debts forgiven were the punitive and crippling reparations lumped onto them as a result of two world wars, and a direct cause of the second war.

Psycho Milt pointed this out to the fools at The Standard:

What?s worth remembering is that the German ?war debt? that was cancelled consisted of punitive reparations demands from the Versailles Treaty. Germany paid its actual debts.

What?s also worth remembering is that the German debts had been run up by a fascist dictatorship running a war, and with the demise of that dictatorship the problem of running up huge debts disappeared. There?s no sign that Greek governments will stop spending way more than the country earns, in fact there?s every indication that they won?t.

It?s true that Greece will never be able to repay these debts and they should be written off, but there?s no valid comparison with Germany in 1953.

So all other debt was paid off, largely because the Germans got off their arse, the bad bastards?who created the debt were all now dead or about to be at Nuremberg. The Wogs in Greece however have done not a thing to stop their wasteful ways and are showing none of the industry and resolve that Germany showed in 1953 in rebuilding their nation.

Chris Trotter is better than this rubbish. As I said he is normally very good with history, so he either wilfully misled, or simply didn’t know and was parroting some fool on Twitter who thought he was clever.


– The Daily Blog, The Standard