Professor Doug Sellman finds a new whipping boy

Scientists keep complaining that media are critical of them, and they should just be left alone to practice science unencumbered by plebs having opinions.

Problem is, these scientists aren’t pure and very much driven by money. ?There are so many government-filled money troughs, that truth really takes a back seat.

Take this example

Alcohol Healthwatch has joined the National Addiction Centre in calling for the sale of alcohol powder sachets to be banned or tightly regulated.
The alcohol sachets cost about $1.50 and have the strength of 0.4 of a standard drink.
They also contain 20 percent alcohol, and can be mixed with non-alcoholic drinks.

Director of Alcohol Healthwatch, Rebecca Williams, said they were not quality drinks but give people a quick hit. ?She said they were predominantly used by young people trying to smuggle alcohol into restricted areas at sports and music events.

Doug Selman head of the National Addiction Centre said?the sachets would take the country backwards.?He said the sachets can be bought in some bottle stores, and are a cunning way for people to bring alcohol into events.

Professor Sellman, who is also the medical spokesperson for the lobby group, Alcohol Action New Zealand, said these sachets were simply a clever method of making alcohol more available. ?”All the evidence points to the fact that if you make alcohol more accessible, more alcohol will be consumed and if more alcohol is consumed you’ll get more alcohol related problems.

“So what we have to do in New Zealand, where alcohol is still relatively out of control, is decrease the accessibility and these sachets are just taking us in the opposite direction by increasing the accessibility of alcohol, but in a rather sneaky and secretive way,” he said.
Professor Sellman said the Government currently had no policy on alcohol sachets and he was urging it to look seriously into regulating or banning them.

Certainly sounds like a potential problem. ?Until you actually look into a little further: ?

So basically, powdered alcohol is a highly inefficient way to get a buzz, and it’s very hard for seasoned drinkers to get the bang for the buck that pre-loading and some smart smuggling into a game can achieve. ? A nice little 1 litre Camelback with vodka under your coat will easily get past security, as does some elementary?water bottle tampering that leaves the seal intact at the top.

Powdered alcohol isn’t a problem, especially at $1.50 per sachet, but these lobby groups exist to lobby. ?Which, oddly enough, they accuse Whaleoil and others of doing against them. ?They go as far as wanting us to be stopped from highlighting their troughing antics – somehow.

Where were these people, Doug Sellman and his friends, when Legal Highs were bestowed upon our people by this government? ? Was it because there was no money in it?