The square heads are getting sick of dodgy Greek ratbags

Time is up for Greece, and the Krauts are utterly sick of them.

Berlin has delivered a blistering attack on Greece?s beleaguered radical prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, accusing him of lying to his own people and seeking scapegoats for the country?s misery everywhere but in his own ranks.

The German government dismissed desperate attempts by Athens to salvage some form of bailout, prompting Tsipras to hit back, accusing the country?s creditors of trying to ?blackmail? Greek voters with dire warnings that a vote against austerity in this weekend?s referendum would be a vote to leave the euro.

Tsipras referred to leaders of other eurozone nations as ?extremist conservative forces? and blamed them for the capital controls that have forced the banks to shut down and ration cash. ?

With relations between Greece and Germany now at their lowest point in the crisis, divisions have also opened up among the main EU powers over what to do about Greece after five years of bailout closed down on Tuesday and the country became the EU?s first to default on loans to the International Monetary Fund.

The trenchant criticism of Tsipras from Berlin reinforced the view that the German government might refuse to negotiate with the leftwing Syriza administration on any new rescue package after Sunday?s referendum in Greece ? which Berlin insists is a vote on whether to stay in the euro.

The validity of the vote is now also being questioned. The Council of Europe said one week?s notice fell short of international standards and the wording was unclear, while Greece?s highest court has been asked to cancel the plebiscite on constitutional grounds. A judgement will not be made until Friday.

The Greek fools think they can continue to borrow other people’s money to pay for their socialism…they are wrong.


– The Guardian